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  • Garfinkel, C.I., C. Schwartz, D.I.V. Domeisen, A.H. Butler, S.-W. Son, and I.P. White, Weakening of the teleconnection of El Niño-Southern Oscillation to the Arctic stratosphere over the past few decades: What can be learned from subseasonal forecast models?, submitted to JGR, 2018.
  • King, A.D., A.H. Butler, M. Jucker, N.O. Earl, and I. Rudeva, Observed relationships between sudden stratospheric warmings and European climate extremes, submitted to JGR, 2019. 
  • Butler, A.H., A. Charlton-Perez, D.I.V. Domeisen, I.R. Simpson, and J. Sjoberg, The predictability of Northern Hemisphere final stratospheric warmings and their surface impacts, submitted to GRL, 2019.

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Published in 2017

  • Williams, P.D., M.J. Alexander, E.A. Barnes, A.H. Butler, H.C. Davies, C.I. Garfinkel, Y. Kushnir, T.P. Lane, J.K. Lundquist, R.N. Maue, W.R. Peltier, O. Romppainen-Martius, K. Sato, A.A. Scaife, C. Zhang, A census of atmospheric variability from seconds to decades, Geophys. Res. Lett., 44, 11201–11211,, 2017.

Published in 2016

  • Scaife, A.A., A.-Yu. Karpechko, M.P. Baldwin, A. Brookshaw, A.H. Butler, R. Eade, M. Gordon, C. MachLachlan, N. Martin, N. Dunstone, and D. Smith, Seasonal winter forecasts and the stratosphere, Atmospheric Science Letters, 17:51–56, doi:10.1002/asl.5982015, 2016.

Published in 2015

  • Butler, A.H., D.J. Seidel,  S.C. Hardiman, N. Butchart, T. Birner, and A. Match, Defining sudden stratospheric warmings, Bull. American Meteor. Soc., 96, 1913-1928, doi:, 2015.

Published in 2014

Published in 2013

  • Charlton-Perez, A., M.P. Baldwin, T. Birner, R.X. Black, A.H. Butler, N. Calvo, N.A. Davis, E. P. Gerber, N. Gillett, S. Hardiman, J. Kim, K. Kruger, Y-Y Lee, E. Manzini, B.A. McDaniel, L. Polvani, T. Reichler, T.A. Shaw, M. Sigmond, S.W. Son, M. Toohey, L. Wilcox, S. Yoden, B. Christiansen, F. Lott, D. Shindell, S. Yukimoto, S. Watanabe, On the lack of stratospheric dynamical variability in low-top versions of the CMIP5 models, J. Geophys. Res., doi:10.1002/jgrd.50126, 2013.

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